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O'Brien Guitars Online Courses

Welcome to the O’Brien Guitars online courses page. Here you can register, log in, purchase and download Robert’s online video courses. Your same login is valid for all courses. Each video lesson contains high quality video and audio with simple to understand, very detailed instructions. You can start at the beginning and work at your own pace or start at any point throughout the course. It is like actually being in the O’Brien Guitars workshop as Robert works. Not only does he explain what “to” do but also what “not” to do and problems to avoid as you build. He offers advice that has taken him years to learn and will no doubt shorten your learning curve.

To begin, go to the desired online course page and click on the video lessons you wish to purchase. You also have the option of purchasing the entire course. Use your personalized cart to pay for the online video lessons. Once the transaction is complete you will have unlimited views and can even download the video lessons and any plans that accompany the course.

Here is a video about Robert's online courses.


Acoustic Guitar Building Classical Guitar Building Flamenco Guitar Building Electric Guitar Building
Archtop Guitar Building Ukulele Building Mandolin Building Rosette Making
Florentine Cutaway Construction Venetian Cutaway Construction Fretwork Neck Reset
French Polish Spray Finishing with Robert O'Brien Spray Finishing with Jeff Jewitt Arm Bevel
Classical Voicing Sharpening

“It has never been easier to learn the art of lutherie. I hope you take advantage of the information I have made available in my online courses.”

Happy Building!

See what others are saying about the courses:

I'm very happy to report that I completed my guitar build using Robbie's online video and LMI kit. It's a testament to the quality of Robbie's video that someone with minimal woodworking experience and zero artistic ability can actually build a guitar. I'm surprised how well it plays and sounds.


I purchased your online acoustic guitar building course for myself as an early Christmas present. I am extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised at the detail. In the past, I have made many electric guitars and basses. I have to say, for anyone making the jump from solid-body electrics to acoustics, this course has it all. Thanks again for a great product at a more than reasonable price.


“Robbie’s experiences as maker, player and educator have elevated him to an enviable plateau … and his teaching skills are apparent in his “Sample Lessons” video. His on-line guitar making course is a wonderful opportunity to conveniently learn from the Master!”

Bob Benedetto, Chairman Benedetto Guitars, Inc.

“I have known Robbie for many years and from the first class he took at my shop in Atlanta, I knew this guy had an enthusiasm and a love of the craft that was infectious. Over the past decade he has proven to be an excellent teacher, making a difficult topic accessible to the uninitiated. Grab the chance to study with him.”

Kent Everett

“I have done a guitar building course at a school based in Newcastle, Australia. I have made four guitars, three steel strings and one double top classical. I recently discovered your on line courses and have downloaded several, including your French polishing course. I'd like to say that what you offer on line is so much better than anything else I've seen. Thank you. I'd really like to travel to the US and maybe do some training with you. Thanks again for your great on line courses.”

Alan - New South Wales, Australia

“I just finished my first classical guitar following your on-line course. I'm a recently retired engineering professor, and guitar building has been a life-long dream of mine. Your instructional on-line course is outstanding! I could not have done this without your help. Thanks! I plan to make a couple more classical guitars for friends and relatives, then I'll move on to steel string guitars with the help of your acoustic guitar on-line course. Thanks again.”

Jim Ruston, LA

“I don't know how many guitars I will build. I don't know that it matters. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your gifts as a luthier. The fact I can build this guitar that sounds pretty good by watching a video is a testament to your teaching ability. Thanks for sharing your gifts.”


“…these videos have … knocked years and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, off of our learning curves.”

Michael Grigg

“The lutherie world has benefited greatly from this articulate, multi-faceted instructor whose skills in the classroom translate effortlessly to the video screen.”

Luthiers Mercantile International – LMI

“I like the chapter on the scraper. So far I have not had much success with sharpening a scraper and Robbie just cleared up all my doubts on it. Thanks!”

Sen - Singapore

“Robbie's technique of paring the end of the binding at the neck end to fit the butt joint tightly made that seemingly difficult task very easy. The on-line course has been the best tool I have purchased!”


“Robbie, thanks! I just can't sing the praises of your video course enough — there's such a clarity of presentation, it really minimized the uncertainty in what we all know can be a very difficult process. I've got the wood waiting for No. 2, and I can't wait to get started.”


“I have recently bought the complete Acoustic Guitar Building online course. Words really don't do justice to how happy I am - the wealth of information is ASTOUNDING! I can't thank you enough for putting this together. I could not possibly be more satisfied - it's like a master has personally come to my shop! For me it's one revelation after another. Again thank you so much!”


“I can not say enough about Robbie O'Brien's French polishing technique and his online class. I have successfully learned a few different methods including Milburne's. Robbie's is the clearest most straight forward, and repeatable method I have tried. He takes the magic out of the process and puts it in the results.”

John - USA

“Mr. O'Brien, I want to say thanks for putting out fantastic instruction! There is nothing out there that I could find that comes close to the quality and detail of your course! This isn't flattery, its just the truth! Best money I have EVER spent. I recommend it to everyone I meet inspiring to build!”

Woody - USA